Parenting Courses

Join our parenting classes at Poway Adult School.

Part I Course:


They Are Who They Are: Unpacking the Layers of Gender Identity, Gender Expression & the Gender Spectrum.

Join us in exploring ways in which you can support your child. We will discuss pronouns and how to use them, how to advocate for gender equity for your child. Know your child's rights and how to be a good ally. Learn and understand the nuances of navigating support and difficult conversations, not only with your child but with family and friends. 

Part II Course:

They are Who They Are: Embracing Your Child's Resilience.

Continue the discussions from 2SLGBTQIA+ Part 1 The Basics and learn how to become a more conscious parent of a gender-expansive or questioning child. Looking beyond the binary and unpacking years of cultural beliefs, traditional roles and expectations are hard, but not impossible. Improve the odds for your child embracing the complexity of their journey as well as learning how to nurture and enjoy the journey with your child. This class is all-inclusive for parents of children who have identified as 2SLGBTQIA+.

*Stay tuned for upcoming courses in Fall 2022*